Project Management Services

Planned Maintenance Surveys

Undertaken for property owners, based on a scheduling format, our ‘excel chart’ survey confirms where the issue is, the current defect and method of repair. If required it will also provide a budget cost for the repairs. The survey is fully electronic providing, if required, a full maintenance plan. The electronic version enables you to continue with the recording of works undertaken and issues to be dealt with long after the initial survey has been carried out creating a ‘logbook’ for the building.
Planned Maintenance Surveys

Schedule of Condition

The specific purpose is to 'schedule' the condition leaving out causation, repair method and requirements for investigations. This is a detailed schedule dealing with each area (room), then element, then specific area of the element. Once the surface is listed, its construction is recorded and then any visual defect. Written detailed schedules can record, if required, a description of the start and finish, size, thickness and prominence of each crack. It is invaluable if you are arguing over whether something has become worse!
Planned Maintenance specialists

Schedule of Work

Formulated as a detailed list of repair works without causation or effect, the purpose is to ensure all building contractors quote for the same work, hence ensuring the analysis of any tender (quotation) is based upon overheads, profit and efficiency, not scope of work. This is therefore an invaluable tool for any repair, extension, refurbishment or alteration project.
Planned Maintenance solutions
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